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Collision of two boats Agios Nikolaos, Volimes

Zakynthos Port Authority was informed, yesterday, of a collision between two (02) boats. The accident happened in the area “KAMARES,” Agios Nikolaos, Volimes Zakynthos.

The Port Authority, as well as a patrol vessel rushed to the area. It was found that the boat “FAROS”, with its only Commander-in-Chief, collided with the boat “MARIA”, with two (02) occupants on board.

The incident caused minor injuries to the occupants of the boat”MARIA”. The boat was towed by the other boat”FAROS” to the port of Agios Nikolaos Volimes, where it was securely fastened. Reaching the port, the owner of “FAROS” took the two injured to the General Hospital of Zakynthos for treatment.

The Zakynthos Port Authority, is conducting preliminary investigations. Meanwhile both boats have been detained whilst damage is calculated and will not be fit for sailing until necessary documentation has been approved.

The collision did not cause any marine pollution.

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