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Community up in arms after latest robbery, victim still in hospital!

Thefts and burglaries on our island are countless. The increase in crime is a major concern for the local community.

According to sources Zakynthos has more incidents than other cities with larger populations. The problem that our Police Department faces and the lack of staff is known. However,  residents on the Island cannot accept that they will continue to their lives in fear. Even worse, they may even be attacked while at home .







My friend is still in hospital after she was attacked early hours in the morning Wednesday. The thought that something similar could happen to anyone of us makes us shiver.

Talk among Zakynthians is that they want change and now! They want a solution to this huge problem that worries most every night.

Statements by authorities.

In a recent statement in to our local newspaper Ημέρα, the Zakynthos Police Union President, Konstantinos Karagounis had emphasized: “Police officers on our island were called to cover 200,000 – 250,000 people, a population that corresponds essentially to a region like Achaia. Just 1/8 of the corresponding power!

Excessive efforts were made to meet the needs of the island, exaggerating itself in terms of police forces. Even cutting off our personal rest and facing further practical difficulties, due to lack of logistical infrastructure. Our police force is under 40%. Therefore, many incidents can be difficult to handle. It is clear that a more rational allocation of forces cannot be made unless sufficient staff is available. In addition, because of this shortage, a proactive police strategy for citizen safety cannot be drawn.

For example, the Police Station at Alykes works with a service officer and is policed ​​by a combined patrol, available from the city.

Another fact worth mentioning, which halts effective policing, is the replacement of 3 police chiefs within 8 months on an island like Zakynthos. This creates a problem within in itself. Because the department head needs at least three months to see how his department operates, and just when he has learnt the function, he is replaced.”

Immediate intervention is required!

Local MP, Mr. Dionysios Aktypis commented on recent events.

“Patrols Must Increase”!

Our fellow citizens are awakening in fear and calling for stronger policing in the villages. This is a serious problem. We have asked the local authorities to comment on the latest events and what they intend to do in order to find a solution.  As soon as I arrive on  the island, I will meet the police chief to see what exactly is happening and what can be done.

 I will also have a meeting with the Ionian Islands Regional Police Chief. We have called for increased police. I have also spoken with Mr Economou’s office and have asked for more support. The subject is complex.  It is a fact that patrols need to be increased! I’ll talk to the police director. The issue of security is not solved from one moment to another. At this time in Athens the patrols have increased, the Zeus team is on the road. We are trying to do the same in Zakynthos. We also need staff to help police stations. Safety is our top priority and high on our agenda. “

Zakynthos Deputy Regional Governor, George Stasinopoulos.

 Also commented on the recent events stating:-  “The Police Department of the island should change its strategy”, referring to recent meetings he had with the Ionian Islands Regional Police Officer – who had come to the island due to fires – and with the Zakynthos Police Officer on the subject. “We were told of the weakness that exists because of the lack of police force and they asked us to iterate our concerns to the government level so that the island could be strengthened. The fact is, however, that the islanders do not feel safe. Athens must now be pressured and the island’s Police Department must change its strategy – after the tourist season is over – so that more policing can be done in the villages.

Mayor, Mr. Nikitas Aretakis.

Finally, the Mayor of the island, Nikitas Aretakis, points out: “The new police director is organized and faces daily new developments in police activity. I have the impression that he will tackle the issue! Victims should, however, report thefts and robberies so that the police can identify them.

For now our authorities are putting pressure on our Government for more police staff, until then our community should be aware of what is going on around their neighborhood, perhaps it is a good idea now to build up that neighborhood watch.

It is about time our communities started working together for the safety of our families and friends.

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