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Corendon cancells all holidays til the 1st June, 2020

Corendon is the first travel company to cancel all holidays until June 1st due to the corona crisis. “We now want to create clarity for Dutch tourists,” says CEO Steven van der Heijden.

This means that the May holiday is definitively defunct. “People who have not yet made a residual payment do not have to. They only receive a value voucher for the down payment. Those who have already paid the entire travel sum will receive a voucher for that amount, ”says Van der Heijden.

He also wants to prevent operational misery by postponing the cancellations by one or two weeks. “Now everyone in our house knows where they stand. The crisis is going to last longer than we expected. Then we must also be clear at the earliest possible stage. We are now focusing on holidays in the high season, in the autumn and in the winter. All those bookings are open ”, says Van der Heijden.

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  1. They will receive a voucher? They should be receiving a refund 😲

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