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Council meeting postponed

Last night’s extraordinary meeting of the City Council did not take place, with the main issue being the appointment of a new Board of Directors in FOSDA, as there were only 11 councillors out of 33, so there was no quorum.

However, the mayor, Nikitas Aretakis, informed reporters of the changes he had made to the Directorate of Technical Services, where he replaced former Director Dionysios Turkakis with Mrs Lana Mavria.

As he explained this change he did not do with pleasure and from the questions asked, it seemed that Mr Turkakis actually “paid” for what  Mr Vythoulkas did not do,  sign the amendment for the Mayor to get studies done on the factory in Liva, and therefore not being able to get $ 8.5 million for the Municipality to the contractor for its operation.

Mr Aretakis clarified that Mr Turkakis would have signed the amendment, as would hae Mr Pantis, who was absent.

As a result, it caused the Mayor’s trip to Athens to be delayed and to see the relevant Ministries to submit his proposal.

He also commented during his replies to journalists’ questions that whatever obstacles he might encounter on the issue, he, himself would go ahead and over come the ones that are  “unintentional” such as the one with no signature from the official.

Mr. Aretakis then argued that the resignation of FOSDA’s Board of Directors had to do with the relocation of officials to the Municipality; an action he said took place to halt the clashes between the Technical Services and FOSDA’s Directorates. In the past, whenever assistance was requested for garbage collection, Mr. Turkakis, according to Mr. Aretakis, did not always provide vehicles and the personnel needed because he said this was not the responsibility of the Technical Services Department and the municipality in general.

Asked whether the opposition was deliberately absent from tonight’s extraordinary session, the mayor said he could not say  because they have so far shown interest and are attending regular meetings, while expressing confidence that opposition groups will vote for his proposals for the new Board of Directors of FOSDA.

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