Saturday , July 4 2020

Donation:- Zakynthos receives most reliable COVID-19 testing machine, a thank you note from MP, Dionysios Aktypis.

Zakynthos now meets all the conditions to join the Low Risk Areas. Our island has an adequate health system. An ICU, a negative pressure chamber, beds for the coronavirus, located just 2 hours from the hospital of Rio. In addition, a very important donation of a molecular analysis machine for immediate testing of the virus.

Our member of parliament, Mr Aktypis has ensured that our island is one of the low risk areas. Taking personal interest in upgrades and opening the ICU unit at our hospital.

He has acknowledged that all Zakynthians have come together for the best of our Island.  Recently thanking another citizen, Mr Martino who donated a machine that will be able to test the coronavirus within 45 minutes.

The MP’s letter reads:-

We have been able to secure the donation of the state-of-the-art External Examination Machine (PCR) for the coronavirus, as well as 100 reagents for the immediate diagnosis of the disease, after a recent communication with the well-known Greek businessman and benefactor of our island, Mr. Martino .


This is another important donation by Mr. Ath. Martino, who in a difficult economic situation our country is currently going through, stands by the side of Zakynthos, contributing in practice, to the effort made for the best possible health shield of our island. .


Zakynthos is and will remain a safe health destination. I would personally like to thank Mr. Martino for his extremely important donation. With the new Analysis Machine (PCR) equipment, it will be possible to immediately diagnose the disease in just 45 minutes. I would like to emphasize that based on the new data, we should all work together in a coordinated and decisive manner, so that we equip our island with the necessary logistical infrastructure and shield it against the coronavirus, thus ensuring the protection of our fellow citizens, and those who choose to visit us in the near future.

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