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Farewell Hercules

Further to a press announcement from ARCHELON we are sad to report that the loggerhead turtle Hercules has died from injuries he sustained in July.

On 25 July 2019, tourists witnessed a turtle being hit by a boat. After investigations, the Marine Park Zakynthos and ARCHELON discovered that a turtle called Hercules had indeed been injured. The turtle was taken to the Glyfada rescue centre in Athens, with very bad injuries which included damage to the spine and a broken shell that exposed the pelvic bones. 

Sadly, despite the incredible efforts of everyone at the rescue centre, Hercules died on the 7 September as a result of his horrific injuries, now thought to have been caused by a boat propeller.

Whilst many come to the island to turtle spot, this tragedy as well as the growing numbers of boats that crowd the turtles shows the suffering they are going through on a daily basis for tourism. 

Farewell Hercules, you will be missed and it’s sad that your life ended so tragically. To read more please see the ARCHELON press report here.

Photos courtesy of Kostas Papafitsoros Photography and ARCHELON

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  1. How sad.

  2. Heart broken to hear this sad news ..poor hurcules, such terrble injuries though, lets all help the turtle population & prevent their extinction..beautiful creatures….R.i.p.hercules…

  3. So sad I know people like to see the turtles but can’t the law be changed that the big boats are not allowed i havent been myself because of what I here from people that has been how all the boat sees one and they all go after it poor things and then things like this happen to them

  4. The real question is whether the culprit boat owner was caught and punished for this act which took the life of an animal whose life mattered ten times more than the pleasure of a few tourists. The authorities must give examolary punishment to people who harass these beautiful creatures.

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