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Greece:- Ban on flights may continue for 9 countries, including the UK and USA (VIDEO)

According to information from a national Greek newspaper,, and the National Government TV station ERT1, a ban on flights will continue for 9 countries.

See in detail what they are.

From July 1, tourism in Greece will “open” as international arrivals will be allowed at all airports in the country.

According to information from, and ERT1 the countries for which the ban on flights will continue to apply are:








United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia

Northern Macedonia


The list takes into account the prevalence of coronavirus in different countries and the criteria is based on epidemiological data.

Greece to re-start tourism.

From July 1, tourism across Greece will be inaugurated as we will have arrivals at all airports. Zakynthos Airport has made all necessary preparations to accept foreign travellers.

Also, from July 1, the arrival of ships from abroad to Greek ports is fully allowed for sea arrivals. In this way, the entry of travellers from Italy will be allowed.

In total 41 entry gates within Greece, in particular 27 airports, 7 land entry points and 7 sea ports.

All travellers to Greece will complete their contact details, flight details and from where they have travelled either on arrival (or before boarding).  A specific electronic form known as Passenger load factor, (PLF) can be downloaded from the airline you are travelling with via the internet. Otherwise one will be provided during boarding.

Sampling tests will be performed and there will be quarantine hotels in the provincial capitals, where those who have tested positive for the virus will stay for 14 days.



Today our airport was visited by the Minister of Civil Protection and crisis management director, Mr Nikos Hardalias. His visit was to ensure the protocols are followed.

Ariving at our airport he stated,  “there will be health teams of the Armed Forces coming on Sunday, in cooperation with the airport administration and with the Local Government Organizations, these people will be the team that will manage all the people. The tests that they will be taking from visitors will be examined. In Zakynthos, 250 samples will be taken daily, so that we can be sure, in the most modern way, that we will be able to get the results we need. The state mechanism is ready with all the means at its disposal to make this process exemplary. “



The operation of the hotels is radically changing after the Joint Ministerial Decision, which provides, among other things, the creation of isolation rooms, which will be able to accommodate tourists with a coronavirus who do not need hospital care. A quarantine hotel is expected in Zakynthos to receive suspicious cases, while all accommodation must have solitary confinement.


Protocols for Hotels have been provided for those hotels that are opening this year, thus making sure that the traveller and staff are safe at all times.

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