Tuesday , August 3 2021

Greece:- Coronavirus… No relaxation of measures!

The spread of Covid-19 in several parts of the country is revealed. The latest daily report of EODY on the course of the pandemic shows a slight increase again. The majority of domestic cases are located in Attica.

New cases.

36 new cases announced on Tuesday. Only 5 of them imported.  2 were located in inspections at the country’s entrance gates and the other 3 came voluntarily for inspection.


The remaining 31 cases are domestic and are located: 17 in Attica, 4 in Thessaloniki, 2 in Larissa and Xanthi and 1 in Boeotia, Etoloakarnania, Heraklion, Corinth, Pella and Samos.


Greece now counts a total of 4,048 cases of Covid-19, while 10 intubated patients are being treated in the ICU.


The coronavirus killed two other patients, bringing the total number of victims to 197.

No plan for general lockdown.

The Undersecretary of Civil Protection sent a message that there should be no relaxation of the measures. Information on the course of development of the coronavirus, is now on a weekly basis, after the increase of the cases recorded lately.

Nikos Hardalias noted that there is no planning for a general lockdown. Clarifing that where necessary, local measures will be taken. Taking in account the opening of the border on July 1st, he said the majority of imported cases are from Balkan countries, followed by Serbia.


Referring to festivals, he left open the possibility of extending their ban through August.

According to Mr. Hardalias, out of the total 4,007 cases that were recorded until Sunday, July 19 in Greece, 435 are active today, 1,030 have been discharged, while 2,347 patients have recovered at home.


In total, from July 1st to July 19th, the number of confirmed cases of those entering the country amounts to 295, of which 105 were located at airports, 4 at ports and 186 at land borders.


Extensive checks are carried out at all 31 points of entry in Greece in order to exclude imported cases.


A “Safari” of inspections in supermarkets by the Ministry of Development in order to determine if the measures for the protection against the coronavirus are applied.

Source:- ERT 1.

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