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Greece:- More than 60 new cases of covid-19.

Sixty new cases were counted by the competent services until recently, it is estimated that the current report will reach 65 – The domino of transmission from the same sources is frightening – Alarm for Attica, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Volos

Sixty new cases of coronavirus had been confirmed by 4.30 pm by the relevant services throughout Greece. The final report is expected to reach about 65 new cases which will be officially announced by EODY after six in the afternoon. In the last twenty-four hours, however, another person lost his life, with the total number of deaths from the pandemic in our country now reaching 207.



Alarm for the case “domino”


Dominoes of new outbreaks of coronavirus have been detected in the last twenty-four hours in many parts of the country, raising the alarm index. After Attica, which in recent weeks has shown increased cases and in fact most “orphans” without, that is, epidemiological connection with others, and Thessaloniki, which entered the map of the diaspora with similar characteristics, but the cases there erupted from the wedding party that evolved in a outbreak of the virus with 24 cases, next comes Kavala where after the first two cases of meat factory workers another 22 have already been confirmed and the results are expected today or tomorrow at the latest to be announced in the dozens of other samples taken from the contacts of the confirmed cases.


The “carousel” of active coronavirus outbreaks continued in Magnesia: In the city of Volos, a total of five young workers in a cafeteria and bar tested positive and at the army air base in Stefanovikeio a 20-year-old soldier was diagnosed with Covid-19 and tested positive three other soldiers. The tracing of the confirmed cases continues in Stefanovikeio. The National Men’s Polo team is added to the series of cases after a first positive, as four other members of the team were confirmed to have been infected with the coronavirus.



Five cases in the Men’s National Polo



In particular, the Swimming Federation (KOE) announced that four other members of the National Men’s Polo Team tested positive for the coronavirus. After the confirmed case, EODY team conducted a test in all members of the national polo teams (men and women) and the results became known on Sunday.


According to them, four other members of the National Men’s Team tested positive for covid-19. All of them are asymptomatic and in good health. As far as the National Women’s Team is concerned, all the tests were negative, as well as the staff of the swimming pool in Agios Kosmas.


The briefing states:


KOE announces today (Sunday 2/8) the results of the first tests for covid-19 that took place yesterday Saturday (1/8), from the EODY team, to the members of the National water polo teams, after the confirmed case that appeared in our representative Men’s band.


According to them, four other members of the Men’s National Team tested positive for the virus. All of them are asymptomatic and in very good health and are in quarantine in their homes.


From the mission of the National Women’s Team, moreover, which was preparing in the same swimming pool (of Agios Kosmas), all the tests for coronavirus came out negative. There were also no positive samples among the staff of the specific swimming pool, which was also tested.


The inspections will be repeated next Tuesday (4/8) to everyone, in order to have a final confirmation or not of the cases.


“Everything is done according to the protocols”, stresses the doctor of KOE and member of the health committee of GGA for the covid-19 pandemic, George Marinos.


A series of cases in Stefanovikeio as well.


Four soldiers were found positive in the coronavirus at the Army Air Force camp in Stefanovikeio, Volos.


On Thursday, a soldier tested positive for symptoms and was taken to the Larissa Military Hospital and then to the University Hospital.


Despite the fact that all the security measures are observed in the camp, it signaled an alarm and all the soldiers underwent a coronavirus test.


The three new cases emerged from the test process. These are asymptomatic soldiers aged 25 to 29, who will be transported to Thessaloniki to the military hospital.

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