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Greece:- Road Tax rates, How to print your forms for payment. Links provided!

The 2021 road tax is expected to be posted on Taxisnet around mid-November.

There will be no changes to the 2021 road tax so car owners will pay what they paid last year.


The amounts of road tax per CC’s

The amounts of road tax per cc’s. In detail, the road tax for vehicles purchased after 2006 is as follows:


  1. Up to 400 cc the owner will have to pay 22 euros
  2. From 1,072 cc. up to 1,357 et seq. the owner will have to pay 135 euros
  3. From 1,358 et seq. to 1548 et seq. the owner will have to pay 255 euros
  4. From 1,549 cc. up to 1,738 cc. the owner will have to pay 280 euros
  5. From 1,739 cc. up to 1,928 et seq. the owner will have to pay 320 euros
  6. From 1,929 et seq. up to 2,357 et seq. the owner will have to pay 690 euros
  7. From 4,001 et seq. and above the owner will have to pay 1,380 euros


How to print 2021 registration fees

Taxpayers can enter the TAXISnet Car Tax Printing service, they will fill in the Tax number known as ΑΦΜ and the registration number of the vehicle. (number plate)


After gaining access to the details of their vehicle, you can print the debt ID with which then you can pay at the banks and ELTA, or online.


There are two (2) ways to print traffic fees:


1 Print traffic taxes with taxisnet codes


2 Print tolls without taxisnet codes

Traffic fees 2021 without TAXISnet codes

click on this link :- Teli kykloforias (road tax)

To print traffic fees via internet (without Taxisnet codes) follow the below steps:

  • Fill in the Tax No (ΑΦΜ), which is written on the registration certificate
  • Fill in the registration number of the vehicle, which is written on the registration certificate (your number plate eg:- ZAB 3305)
  • complete the year of registration fees (2021)

Select “εκτύπωση” Print…. if you make a mistake you can press the blue key “Καθαρισμός” and then just start again.

Your registration  details will show then….

Select “Print” when the “Successful Search” message appears.


Traffic fees 2021 with TAXISnet codes

From this service (with TAXISnet codes) you can display the current image of your vehicles and print the forms.

Click on link



Deadlines for payment of traffic fees

A yearly road tax should be paid on time during the last two months of the current year (01.11 to 31.12 * unless an extension is given). There may be an extention due to lockdown during the month of November, we are still awaiting confirmation.

The same applies to all vehicles registered on the same or the next working day if the vehicle is registered within the current year.


Procedure for payment of traffic fees through TAXISNET

  • Select “Vehicle Status” to display the vehicles
  • Select “Print a road tax form” for vehicles


Frequently asked questions and answers about traffic fees.

  • 1 If I transfer the vehicle within the current year do I owe traffic fees for the next one?


No. Fees must be paid by the holder on 1 January or until extension, if granted


  • 2 I am a co-owner of a vehicle and fee forms have been issued for each Tax number (ΑΦΜ). Do we all have to pay for them?


No. The fees are indivisible and it is enough for one of the co-owners to pay them. If not paid, everyone is co-liable for the full amount.


  • 3 The registration number has changed and I have paid the fees before the change. Do I owe fees to the new number as well?


No, because the two numbers are correlated and the payment is valid regardless of which number was made.


  • 4 When are no fees due?


When the vehicle has been immobilized voluntarily or compulsorily before the beginning of the fee year.


  • 5 What are the consequences if the road tax is not paid on time?


In addition to the annual traffic fees, a fine is also imposed: a) equal to the fees, if the vehicle is a two-wheeler / tricycle. or passenger car, b) half of the fees, if the vehicle is a passenger car. or truck or bus and c) 30 €, if the traffic fees are less than 30 €


  • 6 Why does the message “Incomplete data for calculating fees” appear?


Depending on the type of vehicle, the charges are calculated on the basis of engine cubic centimeters (cc), emissions (CO2), gross weight and seats. If the calculation base is not completed, the fees cannot be calculated and you should contact.


Why does the message appear “The ΑΦΜ” ?  The AFM will appear if then name and AFM does not appear as the owner of the vehicle “?


The Α.Φ.Μ. that you have filled in or it is wrong (in which case you fill in the correct one) as it is written on the license. If the Α.Φ.Μ. is different from that of the holder (when you address the Regional Transport Service) or is different in the data kept by our Service (so you address the Tax Office). If any of the above does not apply then you may be filling out an incorrect registration number.


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