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Greece:- Study shows wearing a double mask protects even more

Dual mask: What a CDC research on coronavirus health has shown.

More and more experts are calling for the use of a double mask to protect against coronavirus
The possibility of making the double mask for coronavirus protection mandatory was left open by the professor of Pathology and member of the committee of the Ministry of Health, Achilleas Gikas, who estimated that the 2.5 weeks of lockdown in Attica will not be enough to limit the dispersion. The professor’s statement came just hours after the publication of a CDC study, which proves that the double mask protects better than the single.

“We may need to reconstruct and review the measures we have taken. We can review the masks. We have started a discussion in committee on a double mask being mandatory. I totally agree with that. There is a debate these days both internationally and in the country. There are gaps. At the moment, the masks are not worn properly. We must train people to put on the mask correctly “, the professor said characteristically on Thursday, February 11, speaking to SKAI.

CDC: The double mask and proper application protect better against the coronavirus.

A study by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that using a dual mask can offer much greater protection against coronavirus. This is the first CDC study to suggest the use of a double mask.

The researchers who participated in the study, found that wearing if someone wears a mask (surgical or fabric), blocks more than 40% of the droplets coming from the breath of a person who does not wear a mask. However, if the same person wears a cloth mask over a surgery, about 80% of the droplets are excluded. If both wear a mask, more than 95% of the droplets are blocked.

The same study also concluded that a “tight” application of the mask, tying the mask cords more tightly – with knots – to the ears and adjusting it to minimize gaps, can increase the effectiveness of the masks.

When both interlocutors wear the well-fitting face mask, about 96% of the droplets are blocked. When only one wears it tightly, just over 60% of the droplets are blocked.

It is noted that in one of his recent updates on the coronavirus, the leading American infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci, suggested to the American citizens to consider the possibility of wearing a double mask. “There is nothing wrong with those who wear two masks. “I often wear two masks as well,” he had said characteristically.

Professor Sotiris Tsiodras appeared in Parliament with a double mask a few days ago during his briefing on the pandemic.

The CDC study on the use of a double mask for the coronavirus and the statement of Achilles Gikas about the possibility of introducing it as a measure in our country comes at a time when the concern of experts for a rapid spread of the virus is growing. The measure for dual mask use is also likely to be considered in relation to coronavirus mutations, which are transmitted faster than the simple strain of the virus.

source and full story in Greek :- https://www.ethnos.gr/

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