Tuesday , August 3 2021

Jack the Lad Campaign; stay safe on Zakynthos this summer!

Summer on Zakynthos hasn’t quite started yet, but we know once it does lots of people will return to the island and enjoy some much needed time out with friends and family. 

This week the JacktheLad Campaign has remembered Jack Howe, a young nineteen-year-old tourist who sadly died on Zakynthos, in June 2019 from a quad accident. The event was an incredibly distressing time for all of Jack’s family and friends. They lost a treasured child, family member and friend. It was something no one should have to deal with especially when abroad. 

In his memory, Jack’s family set up the #JackTheLad Foundation, a registered charity, to not only remember him, but also to highlight what happened, and to remind people to take good care of themselves when abroad. With direct slogans such as “Live life, don’t lose it” and “Stay safe this summer” the charity is doing all they can to spread the message about doing what you can to ensure you have a great trip abroad whilst ensuring you stay safe at the same time.  

Jack’s mum, Mrs Howe said, “We [the charity] really want to focus on education, once the world opens up again we really want to promote these safer holidays, we want to make it about prevention. I just think they [Jack and friends] were having such a good time they didn’t really think about the dangers and at that age, you just do things without thinking about it. We are trying to get a message over to just think about what you’re doing.”

A charity spokesperson has also confirmed the #JackTheLadFoundation aims to give talks to UK schools, UK colleges, and freshers at UK universities, in the next year to get these important messages across to the younger generations. Learn more about the #JackTheLad Foundation here:

Website: https://jackthelad.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JackTheLadCharity

Our thoughts are with Jack’s family, this is a great charity and we hope they get lots of support, please do take the time to visit their website or Facebook group to learn more. We also want every single person to stay safe when they visit our island, what happened to Jack shouldn’t happen again, so please if you hire a quad or other motor vehicle, ensure you have the required insurance, wear a helmet, and wear appropriate clothing and take good care of yourself and others. 

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Chrissie Parker joined the Zakynthos Informer Team in 2014. Chrissie’s first experience of the island was a combined birthday and wedding celebration, in true Zakynthian style. Since then she has been able to combine her love of the island, including its incredible history, tradition and culture, with her love of writing.

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