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Lost in the world, a chance holiday brought family together after 29 years!

Here’s a story I am sure you will all love. It’s a story with a happy ending from a local journalist George Gogos.

It seems there were two cousins from Tripoli, Panagiotis (Peter) and Angela Melos. They hadn’t seen each other for over 29 years. During those years they had completely lost track of each other. No communication, nothing! We all know that life can always twist and turn in strange ways, like hills and valleys. The moments that these two people lived were unique, moving and emotional.

It all started with the owner of the hotel “InioHos Hotel” in Argassi, Zakynthos. The owner, Mr. Nikos Vossos booked room 307 over the phone for Mr. Peter Melos, who was to arrive from America. Then a last minute booking for room 308 the next day was booked in the name of Angela Melos!

When she arrived at the hotel from Australia, Mr Vossos asked her whether she was here, in Zakynthos for a wedding as next door to her was a man with the same surname. She then told Mr Vossos that she was here on holiday but asked for details about the man in room 307. The name could not be a coincidence. Realizing it was her cousin she had been searching for over the last 29 years she cried out in emotion.

Later in the evening, Panagiotis Melos returned to the hotel. As one could imagine what followed, were moments so emotional, that Mr Vossos just had to open an old bottle of wine he was saving to celebrate.


The important details that makes this story so special is that Angela Melos searched for her cousin in Tripoli, however he had already left for holidays. She was told at some beachfront resort perhaps in Peloponnese.  Also, when she usually goes on holiday her husband books the room and gives his name. This was the only time she booked the holiday and used her name.

It seems that the universe knew exactly what it was doing!  Where else better than Zakynthos and the “InioHos Hotel”!

In the video provided by ( zantenewstimes ) the owner of the Hotel, Nikos Vossos can not hide his emotions. Explaining how destiny can turn out for the best.

“A story like this should not only be in a video but for people to be emotionally moved by everything that happened” He too, could not hold back the tears. “They haven’t seen each other since 1990! It’s amazing how they ended up here, in Argasi, in Zakynthos and by chance the rooms right next to each other! Mr Melos had gone on a trip to the Shipwreck the day his cousin had arrived. On his return I planned a surprise for him. I brought a souvenir, a bottle opener with Zakynthos on it. I told him to keep the cork to the bottle that it will open. He looked at me strangely. I didn’t see them when they met but I did after and I saw them embracing and kissing each other. It was unbelievable, something I certainly did not expect nor did they.”

In the video we can see Peter Melos explaining the story. “I’d checked in and around 10 o’clock in the evening I heard a knock on the door. I open it and I was confronted with someone I didn’t recognise. I asked who she was and the answer I got was “your cousin”. My mouth just dropped to the ground! . Shocked by the news and with his cousin standing right in front of him he asked her how she found him. Explaining the story he couldn’t believe that fate had brought them together after so many years. “I can’t get round how all this happened it’s unexplainable, I just can’t find the words.”


Finally Angela Melos gives her story and explains how she was disappointed to hear that she didn’t get to see her cousin in Tripoli. “I went to Tripoli and another cousin told me that Peter had arrived from Chicago. Our fathers were brothers, so I went to the house but he wasn’t there. Neighbours told me he had gone to the beach, no one knew where though. I was really disappointed. My father recently died and I was so upset that I couldn’t go to his village and see the house he lived in, I asked my father for forgiveness for something that I was unable to do.”

Without knowing the plans of each other by pure chance they both ended up in Zakynthos. An amazing story, that definitely needs to be shared!


Zakynthos informer wish them good health and happiness in their lives. Hoping they will always keep their love for each other, as shown in an exclusive video provided by



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