Saturday , July 4 2020

National TV station Skai shows Zakynthos during the pandemic. (VIDEO)

Coronavirus has created gloom and concern.

The title of the introduction in the main news headlines.  Zakynthos on national TV showing the affects Coronavirus is having on our economy.

Although we are one of the lucky areas. We have been for many months now coronavirus free, the fact that our economy is suffering became a national issue.

No tourists.

The problems that have arisen in Zakynthos with the non-arrival of tourists,  resulting  in insufficient traffic for restaurants and commercial enterprises, were recorded by the camera of the national TV station SKAI. The TV channel arrived on our Island yesterday, Thursday 28th May to talk to residents and business owners.


Headed by the journalist, Mr. Christos Stratoulakos, they even visited hoteliers and traders. Everyone pointed out that this year is the worst year due to the pandemic, but stressed that they hope to change this sad situation starting in the first ten days of June.


The turnovers are in the midair, many of our fellow citizens have lost their jobs and the meagre allowances they have recently received from the state cannot meet the needs that have been created.

The main problem is the uncertainty for tomorrow, with the possibility of the Coronavirus returning us financially back as it was many decades ago reported our local journalist Girogos Gogos.


In the video the TV channel took footage of our island noting that compared to last year our island looks like a ghost town.



What the future holds for Zakynthos and her residents. Time can only tell. One thing is for sure the pandemic has certainly left its cruel sting on our economy.

Source:- ZanteTimes.GR

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