Monday , April 12 2021

OAED: Until 15/4, the payment of extraordinary compensation to seasonal workers in tourism-food without the right of re-employment

During the first fortnight of April, OAED will pay the extraordinary compensation of 400 euros (increased by 50 euros for each minor child) for each of the months of January and February 2021 to the unemployed from the tourism-food sector for whom there is no obligation .

According to the Joint Ministerial Decision of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis and the Deputy Minister of Finance Theodoros Skylakakis, which has been promoted for publication, the beneficiaries of the compensation are the seasonal workers of the tourism and food sector who meet all the following:

1. They were employed in 2019 – full-time or part-time – without obligation to be re-employed under the provisions in force in 2020.

2. They received a regular unemployment subsidy lasting 3 months and 5 days during the period September 2019-February 2020 or the regular unemployment subsidy was extended by one month during the above period.

3. They are not beneficiaries and have not received, do not receive and will not receive, regular unemployment subsidy for the period September 2020-February 2021.

4. They did not receive a regular unemployment subsidy or the long-term unemployment benefit for the months September 2020-February 2021.

5. They are not beneficiaries, have not received, do not receive or will not receive, the special purpose compensation for another reason for the first two months of the year.

According to a relevant announcement of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the payment is made, after checking in the register of registered unemployed of OAED for whether the conditions mentioned above are met and cross-checking with the data kept in the Information System “ERGANI”.

The beneficiaries will then be invited by OAED to update on their electronic platform information, such as their AMKA, their TIN and their bank account number (IBAN) and to submit an electronically responsible statement that they remain unemployed, that there is no obligation to re-employ from their contract and that in case of employment they will immediately inform the Organization.

According to the announcement, an information will follow from OAED about the exact time of payment.

The budget of the measure is estimated at 18 million euros and is estimated to concern about 20,000 employees.

source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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