Monday , August 19 2019

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Bochali Castle is situated on the hill above Zakynthos Town. Dating back to Venetian times …

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Zakynthos is proud of its long and sometimes turbulent history. Over time many influences have …

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Zakynthos is full of culture; some historical, some more modern. Whether it is Traditional Festivals, …

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Zakynthos Town






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“Enjoy the View!” Impressing landing in snowy Thessaloniki airport (video)

The pilot of an Airbus 320 landed in “Macedonia” airport in snowy Thessaloniki, North Greece. On that specific snowy day, on January 4th 2019, the visibility was low, a phenomenons that occurs often in Macedonia airport. According to YouTube Channel “Pilots View” it was the pilot who shot the video …

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Brexit could kill a global sports success story

A recent thrilling clash between Liverpool and Manchester City, the top two teams in the English Premier League this season, was more than merely a game. It was an embodiment of a generation’s worth of globalization and openness, and a warning against jeopardizing that progress with Britain’s clumsy march toward, …

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