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Press release from Mayor Pavlos Kolokotsas in regards to World Environment Day.

A notification to all in regards to World Envrionment Day, which will be celebrated world wide tomorrow the 5th of June, 2019. Mayor Mr Pavlos Kolokotsas has requested that we take more interest in our environment and especially in maintaining it clean. Here is what he had to say:-


On the occasion of the World Environment Day, the Municipality of Zakynthos in collaboration with ΦΟΔΣΑ  (The central waste management system) and the Primary Education Directorate of Zakynthos will organize tomorrow, Wednesday 5th of June at 19:30p.m at the Cultural Center of Zakynthos, a celebration of the World Environment Day.

On the occasion, the Municipality once again appeals to ΦΟΔΣΑ  and to the presidents of the municipal and local communities to make every effort (according to the request sent to them)  to make immediate improvements to uncontrolled dumping of garbage, trash and bulky items when and wherever necessary, which every night seem to inconspicuously appear and then is reported to the municipality to impose fines. The inconsiderate act of those who ignore the public health of all Zakynthians should be identified and be imposed fines.

At the same time, surveillance is being strengthened, mainly on the tourist routes to Vassiliko, Kalamaki (IEK), KTEL road, Zakynthos-Keri road , Zakynthos-Alykas-Alykanas road in the form of security teams, which will be assigned the additional surveillance task to combat illegal dumping of waste.

It is unacceptable, while the problem with the intermediate waste management plant has been solved; some of our fellow citizens, and especially some of the entrepreneurs, instead of alerting ΦΟΔΣΑ and the recycling unit to collect the bulky items, they chose to dump their waste during the night hours in their anarchic rejection and even dumping along with recyclable items etc.) thus creating a negative impression for our visitors and disfiguring our island.

Unfortunately, due to continuous electoral processes, ΦΟΔΣΑ  has not been approved so far with the 40 seasonal staff as requested and is expected to be approved after parliamentary elections. ΦΟΔΣΑ, with few resources and staff, is making every effort to transfer 150 tonnes of garbage daily to Liva.

We also ask that the Police Department and the Fire Department to contact the Municipality if and when detection of a violation (uncontrolled waste disposal and bulky waste), is present during their rounds

It is up to Zakynthian’s philosophy and education to respect the environment in which they live and to contribute to maintaining the purity both in our seas, in our villages and our city.

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    I just read the Press release from Mayor Pavlos Kolokotsas in regards to World Environment Day. Great thing, but where do we bring our garbage ? We live in Mouzaki Agrilia and do not know where to put our bags. Can anybody give us some information about this please? Thanks in advance

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