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Protest Zakynthos in regards to effluent being dumped in our seas.

Over the last few days Zakynthos has been trying to deal with a problem of effluent that has been dumped in our seas. As the news of the problem caused Zakynthians to be up in arms calling for cleaner waters, a social media page known as “Καθαρά Νερά στη Ζάκυνθο” (clean water group of Zakynthos) was recently formed. The page invited the citizens to come together and try and put pressure on the authorities in regards to marine pollution, within a few days the page has gathered over 2,650 members.

Today their members and citizens who are appalled at what is happening to their environment, gathered outside the Port Authorities to voice their opinion and hopefully put pressure on the authorities to act. In a statement on today’s protest the group made it known that they will be applying pressure until the problem is resolved. Today’s meeting was attended by the Clean Water Group of Zakynthos representatives, environmentalists, a lawyer from the fair environment, members of the citizen’s movement ANTAMA and other citizens of Zakynthos, who all in turn made public their complaints and informed the authorities the content of their protest. The authorities have taken all accounts into consideration and as the protest dispersed the groups mentioned above, are planing their next move awaiting confirmation on the results of their protest.

Video of the protest click.  


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  1. If authorities got involved why is there no fines being given!?! It’s all over social media who is to blame!?!?! With some vivid photographs!

    • Lisa, thank you for your comment. At the moment the Port Authorities have taken action, we will be writing up a report as to what has happened over the last week. Be assured solving this problem has taken hold and environmentalist groups along with the citizens of Zakynthos will see it through til the end.

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