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Receipts please!!!!

The  Independent Revenue Department starts a new campaign aimed at tourists.

As part of the campaign posters have been put up at airports, even a website has been created. The department reminds visitors that their right not to pay if they do not get a valid receipt, known as apothiki

In a notification below the department states:-

“Welcome to Greece. We want to inform you about your rights as a consumer”.

This is a campaign aimed at foreign tourists visiting our country, with the aim of informing them of their rights as consumers. We are urging them to ask for a receipt for all of their transactions, in the case that a business refuses to do so.

The campaign runs on the advertising spots in the arrivals lounges and next to baggage claim belts at all the major airports in the country. In addition on major overseas websites, via Google, as well.

With a photo of a typical Greek landscape and a cash register receipt next to it, the following is mentioned in English:

“A photograph is evidence of a memory. Ask for proof of your payments.

Welcome to Greece. We want to inform you about your rights as a consumer. All hotels, restaurants and shops are required to accept debit / credit cards. You are not required to pay unless you receive a receipt. So ask to pay by card. Ask for your receipt.

Just say  “apothixi parakalo”

the below picture shows what is a valid receipt and what to lookout for

you will note the letters ΑΦΜ this is the valid tax number of the business. All receipts must have this number on it, the date of purchase and the name of the business.

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  1. lisbeth søndergaard

    We are a Danish couple who wish to get married in Laganas
    We are staying at Hotel Megara
    WHAT do we do ????

    • If you go to our Facebook group Zakynthos Informer you can post asking for wedding company recommendations and advice.

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