Tuesday , August 3 2021

Restrictions:- What changes have been made for this week.

Hardalia announcements for Easter

Nikos Hardalias spoke, announcing the measures both for Easter – which have already been announced – and for the coming days.

For the sequences of Holy Week and Easter, the ratio of one person per 25m2 will continue to apply, with the sanitary measures already in force (adequate ventilation of the premises, observance of distances and rules of hygiene, hand antiseptic, mandatory use of mask) . Also, outside the temples, this ratio is set at one person per 10m2, and always in compliance with the rules of hygiene.

For the faithful it is obligatory to use a double mask both indoors and outdoors, while for the priests, nuns, cantors and other staff, who will be inside the church, it is obligatory to perform a covid test.

What will apply to the Good Friday sequences

a) the procession of the Epitaph will take place only in the courtyard of the temples, without following a procession of believers,

b) the pilgrimage of the Epitaph will take place outside the temple,

c) always in compliance with the prescribed measures (such as distance keeping, mandatory use of a double mask, etc.).

Traffic ban

Regarding the time limit of the traffic ban, the traffic restriction starts at 10 pm on Holy Week and Easter day, while from Easter Monday (May 3) the restriction starts at 11 pm.

He also reminded that on Easter Sunday, up to 9 people are allowed at the tables if we are talking about indoor space and for 12 people if it is about outdoor space.

These change from Monday, May 3rd

Then, Nikos Hardalias announced the following:

The obligation to send an SMS for any movement (ie until May 15) remains until the removal of the movements from prefecture to prefecture.
With SMS 6 at 13033 we will go from Monday, 03.05.2021, to the restaurant.
From tomorrow, the inter-municipal movements “open” throughout the week of the week (and not only for the weekends as it was valid until now).
Restaurants will be open only with their outdoor areas only for sitting and music will not be allowed. Also, the restaurant will close strictly at 22.45 in the evening allowing time for customers to return to their homes no later than 23.00.

Easter Monday (May 3) travel restriction starts at 23.00 pm. (11.00p.m)

At the same time, he announced that tomorrow there will be clarifying announcements from the Ministry of Finance regarding the codes that will be opened and that concern the stores of health interest as well as about other issues that concern the employees in them.

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