Tuesday , August 11 2020

Results and Standings of the First Division

Most of the 2nd round matches in A grade division of Zakynthos took place, as only Tuesday’s match between Katastari and APS Zakynthos remains. AO Levante and Elatiakos remain at 2-2 in a match that had twists and suspensions. Their first victory was celebrated by Asteras Macherados who beat Doxa Lithakia 2-1.

Detailed results, scorers and ratings:

Eliatakos – AO Levante 2-2

Marouda MI 2 ′, 77 ′ Marouda P. Fytopoulos second yellow card 89 ′ / Malafouris D. 55 ′, Dafe 65 ′



Asteras Macheradou – Doxas Lithakias 2-1

Mamfredas 8 ′, Kakrolis P. 40 ′ / Bizinis 70 ′



From yesterday’s games

Kypseli Flames – Saint Leo / Kiliomenos 2-4

Self-goal Vytoulkas, Kotsa / Zontos Sp., Bachos Chr., Vytoulkas P. and Bastas A.

Referees: Tromboukis, Poporis, Bastas


Aiolos Sarakinado – Panartemiakos 0-0

Referees: Kostakis, Plessas, Koklas


On Tuesday, Katastari plays with Zakynthos FC in the match that ends the 2nd round.


Score after two rounds

  1. National Schulikadou 6
  2. St. Leon / Kiliomeno 6
  3. AO Levante 4
  4. Aiolos Sarakinado 4
  5. Elatiakos 4
  6. Kypseli Flames 3
  7. Asteras Machairado 3
  8. Panartemisiakos 1
  9. Doxa Lithakia 0
  10. AO Katastari 0 (to play)
  11. Zakynthos AP 0 (to play)
  12. Argassi 0 (has left the championship)


Next (3rd round)

Zakynthos Island – Agios Leo / Kiliomenos

Panartemisakos – AO Katastari

Doxa Lithakia – Kypseli Flames

AO Levante- Aiolos Sarakinado

Argasi – Asteras Macherado 0-3

National Skoulikado – Elatiakos

For full story in Greek and photos click on sourcehttps://www.imerazante.gr

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