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Road Works in Zakynthos Town

Road works in Foskolo street have been under way now for the last 8 days and it seems that it will take it’s time.

As one can see by the photos the road has been dug up on each side, so as the old tar road to be completely cleared and to make way for the new asphalt that will be laid.

Unfortunately, traffic delays on other roads have been caused as drivers make their way around the road works. Agio Sarandas leading into Alexander Roma would be one road to avoid as it is here that the congestion is at its worst.

The road works have come as a relief to many in the area as the road conditions were appalling, especially during the winter months. Many bussinesses are glad to see their area upgraded but hope that the works will be conmpleted within record time as summer approaches.


Zakynthos Informer would like to remind you that repairs will be done throughout the Island and the areas have been noted below in a press release along with their estimated budget by the council:-


Subject: “Repairing – maintenance of the municipal road network / rehabilitation of the pavement”


Contracts for the repair of the pavement of the municipal road network have been signed (detailed figures are given below) and the process of rehabilitation of asphalt roads has begun in all municipalities. Nowadays, the contractors of the contractor are located in Laganas, while the restoration of Foskolou Street is immediately starting.

 At the same time, the pavement is being repaired from KTEL to Agios Pavlos in order to install a compressed flooring type.

 Unfortunately, the weather does not allow intensification of the actions. However, repairs will continue until the complete restoration of the municipal road network.

 The Elatia

 Budget 160,000 euros, contract 76,631.38 euros

 The Alykes

 Budget 180,000 euros, contract 81,000 euros

 The Artemisia

 Budget 140,000 euros, contract 65,000 euros

 The Laganas

 Budget 180,000 euros, contract 79,000 euros

 The Zakynthos

 Budget 180,000 euros, contract 86,000 euros

 The Arcadians

 Budget 170,000 euros, contract 97,000 euros


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