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Sky Express to continue its scheduled flights to Zakynthos.

Sky Express announces that it will continue its services to our Island. In a statement issued by the airline the relationship the company has gained between our community and the company is a solid one and will continue to grow.

The announcement issued by the company reads: “On the occasion of local media reports on the interruption of subsidized air services, Corfu – Aktio – Kefalonia – Zakynthos (and vice versa), and the exclusion of Athens – Zakynthos (and vice versa) routes the following are specified:

– Corfu – Aktio – Kefalonia – Zakynthos (and vice versa) airline connection will continue as normal. It is a vital Ionian route that Sky Express will continue to implement seamlessly and reclaim when the competition is announced.

– The Athens – Zakynthos connection (and vice versa) which was excluded from the subsidized lines will also continue to be served by our company. The trust relationship that has developed between Sky Express and the local Zakynthos community is solid, strong and will continue. “


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