Tuesday , August 3 2021

We can do better

We are doing well, but we can do better…

This is shown by the latest data from vaccinations in our country, as well as locally.

Specifically, on our island, by Friday, a total of 11,769 people had been vaccinated, of which 8,068 had received the first dose and 3,701 had received the second dose of the vaccine.

In fact, in the last few days, many friends and acquaintances who are getting the vaccine, are shielded to a large extent by the deadly virus and transfer their experience through their social media accounts.

In this way they influence and persuade enough people to do the same. Now, it is very important that everyone – and not just those who have doubts – do some research, listen to the opinions of experts and decide what to do.

Those with serious health problems should consult trusted scientists to decide what is best. It is not an easy choice because there is fear. The fear is reinforced by the lack of information.

It is a given that at this stage we have no other basic weapon. But what is just as important and which unfortunately, although scientists have pointed out many times, we observe that it does not happen is that even those who are vaccinated should NORMALLY observe all the measures, since the virus can still be transmitted.

Getting the vaccine just makes them less likely to get seriously ill and die. But they must continue to think about their fellow human beings and act in a way that does not endanger them.



Source IMERA

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