Monday , June 14 2021

Zakynthos:- 1st july Kalo Mina, with tourists at our door. (VIDEO)

The airport of Zakynthos opened its gates today to international travellers. After a complete lockdown Zakynthos finally re started tourism.

first flights.

The first flight arrived at 09.00 from Prague, the Czech Republic, with about 80 passengers.  Later the aircraft from the Netherlands arrived around 12 noon, with quite a few passengers waiting to board their coaches. A lot of passengers queued up for taxis, which were waiting in line outside the arrivals area.

The atmosphere.

Medical staff of the Armed Forces have already arrived, who will do the sampling tests to the visitors at the airport.

The climate at the airport certainly was not like it was compared to last year this time. However, the vibes of “summer” were finally felt again.

Protocols were upheld throughout the airport whilst those serving the public in regards to transportation also paid strict notice to hygiene.


Speaking to our local newpaper HMERA, travel agent, Mr Manthos Bolidis stated: “We started with a flight from the Czech Republic as a company. We hope things go well. We have a fullness of around 80% of the positions we have taken. On Friday, Polish will also come. We expect more reservations in the coming days.” He also went on to explaing that “For today, it was 100 people to come and around 80 people finally arrived. All must complete the relevant document on the ministry’s website to state where they will stay and where they came from. Once they come in, they will tell us who will do the testing. We will take them to their accommodation as norma.. From there, everyone takes their own measures.” Mr. Bolidis also stated that sales are going very well and will continue to rise as long as the conditions with the coronavirus do not change. “It simply came to our notice then. I believe we will achieve completeness. There is optimism. Everything is based on what these first 2-3 arrivals will be like. The first 15 days are very important. The image they will get from our island is important.


So, as we welcome our first visitors to our Island and with it being first of the month, let’s hope we have a healthy and prosperous beginning.

Social Distancing!

These photos were taken at a distance, can assure you that passengers held the social distancing rule. In addition passengers travelling on coaches were taken in small groups what seemed like families at a time. All passengers wore masks as well as the staff.


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