Tuesday , May 18 2021

After Easter, the outdoor catering will open. – What the Deputy Minister of Development said.

We have a country where catering can operate outdoors, said the Deputy Minister of Development.

After Easter, the restaurant will be reopened, starting with the outside areas, said the Deputy Minister of Development, Nikos Papathanasis.

“When we are at the right time, catering will be allowed to work. Obviously, we see it sometime after Easter. We have a country where catering can also work outdoors. Last year we started the operation of catering in outdoor and semi-outdoor areas. It is possible to start like this. However, it seems that this will happen after Easter “, he noted, while announcing that the resources of the restaurant support package will be disbursed in May.

At the same time, he stressed that catering-related tourism will reopen, regardless of when the catering industry operates autonomously. “In an accommodation or when someone stays in a hotel, they can eat. The tourism-related catering will work. We will wait for the experts to tell us when the restaurant will operate independently “.

At the same time, he left open the possibility of closing the retail trade again “if there is an explosive development of cases”. “Something cannot be ruled out,” he said. “First of all, we must protect public health.”

Asked if the ministers are pressing the committee of experts to lift the measures, he said. “Each ministry, when called, gives proposals on how the activity related to it will work. We set the rules and the scientists see if this fits in their model of how much the mobility and spread of the virus is affected. And then they decide “.

What about the retail trade in Thessaloniki , Kozani Achaia

“The Ministry of Development wants the economy to be open” he stressed regarding the reopening of the retail trade. In fact, referring to the three areas that he did not open, he said that “the Committee of Experts must measure the spread of the virus in these areas. 

There was a sudden outbreak of cases between Wednesday and Friday and a different decision was made. The Commission will meet and tell us if we can open any other activity “.

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