Saturday , July 31 2021

Celebrations in Zakynthos today. Saint George and the Litany of Laurentaina

Religious Celebrations continue in Zakynthos today, perhaps the most unique of all is the Festival in Voidi today. (more information will be given in the book Zakynthos the flower of the East )

Early in the morning the icons of the Resurrection and Laurentaina are taken up from the Holy Trinity church of the town of Zakynthos to the church of Agios Nikolaos. A Resurrection service takes place. In the evening with the official procession and Litany, the icon returns to her church.

Another celebration today,this time for all of Greece is, Saint George. Perhaps the two most places that hold a special place among Zakynthians are Saint George at Gkremna and of Filikon.

Both are full of History adding to Zakynthian traditions and culture. Both are a “must visit” to all who have not seen. Although these places are part of our culture, the celebrations of the past would be held in true Zakynthian style, sadly something of which we do not see as much today. Perhaps with the struggle of fighting against the pandemic and a willingness to fight for what is truly meaningful, we will see an effort in the future to bring back to life the “true” Zakynthian celebrations. Celebrations where Zakynthians would come together in spirit, song and dance.

As for Saint George’s celebrations; it is what we call a “moving” celebration as it is usually celebrated on the 23rd of April. Due to Easter however, it is moved to another day as we see today.

Those whose name is derived from the Saint will also celebrate their name day. So, Happy Name Day to George and Georgia, may you have a wonderful day. Xronia Polla.

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Louise is Australian born and has been a Greek citizen since 1991. She has deep cultural ties with the island, often writing about Zakynthian Traditions and Culture. She is also an active member of the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos, Giostra Di Zante and is a member of the women's choir "Rodambelos". Her love of the island and all it offers saw her joining the Zakynthos (Zante) Informer admin team in 2014.

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