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Christmas in Zakynthos:- Keri, and Agala, Katastari, Agios Kirikas, Lithakia & Zakynthos Town

In these difficult times its great to see that the spirit of Christmas is still alive. The the cultural association of Keri “Ampelos” and the community of Keri with the photo below send their wishes

tried to give a light of joy to the hearts of all of us! We hope to be able to sing the carols under this tree again next Christmas! Happy Holidays to all with Health and Love!



In the mountain village of Agala a Christmas tree was created from pieces of yarn… knitting 382 pieces, brought this amazing result.

The story of the tree can be read on the page/link below:-

Christmas with love…Agala, Zakynthos


A very nice decoration was made by the Local Council of Katastari, with the President, Dionysis Skiadopoulos and the other members giving a pleasant note of joy and optimism.

Agios Kirikas


Agios Kirikas, took care to decorate the square and the surrounding areas and to create a more pleasant image in view of the holidays.
This is an effort so that anyone who passes by can see a beautiful Christmas landscape and forget for a while the many problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic


Zakynthos town has also put on its Christmas displays. Most of which have been the help of the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos. An impressive display is also at our local port. The Port Authority with its reindeers and more,  certainly brings a smile to the dull days Zakynthos has been experiencing due to lockdown.


Keeping to old Greek traditions the cultural association of Lithakia decorated a boat. A symbolic relationship Islanders have with the sea and of course the sailors patron Saint, St. Nicholaos. In fact on the many Greek islands the Christmas boats remain the most popular ornament of the holiday season.

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