Thursday , June 17 2021

Coronavirus just how safe do our expats feel here in Greece?

Coronavirus just how safe do our expats feel here in Greece?

In a recent interview held by local reporter Dionysios Binioris for Ionian Channel some expats on our Island gave their views.

Comparing some conditions that their loved ones in the UK have to deal with, most feel that they are safer here than they would be in the UK.


Most agree that the measures taken by our Government, although tough were necessary.  During the interview with one of our Expats, Maurine Elves explains that her grand daughter is a nurse and it worries her that she does not have the basic protection such as masks and gloves.

Mike Elves also compared as to how quick the measures were implemented and suggested that Greece was a lot quicker. As for the future “no one knows what is going to happen, but we feel safe here” he added.

As for getting the right information and adhering to the restrictions they all feel that they were much more prepared. “All my friends, people at the supermarkets everywhere you go here they are keeping to the restrictions, trying to stop the spread of the virus.”

Zakynthos Informer has also asked this question to not only to our UK residents but to other nationalities residing here. The answer to the question “How safe do you feel here compared to your homeland?” was by a vast majority “Very.”



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