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Difficult matches ahead for Tsilivi and Zakynthos C grade Nationals

Difficult matches continue for the two Zakynthian teams participating in the 3rd National Championship. Zakynthos hosts Astera Vlachiotis at the Municipal Stadium on Sunday and wants to stay undefeated for a third consecutive game after dominating with Diavolitsi (2-1) and a tie against Bouprasia (1-1 with PAO Vardas). The “Yellowblues” are teaming up with a team that changed coach after George Koutsis took over the technical side. It is imperative for the APS to make three-points in order to keep them in first place and a difference in the line of relegation. The match official will be Tsoplakos K. (Etoloakarnania) with their assistants Christos Tako. (Etoloakarnania) and I Baka. (Etoloakarnania)

As for Tsilivi, the draw with Panileakos at the Municipal Stadium left the team low in the point scores and is looking for a positive result against Thyella in Patras.  In this game Lambros Kokas will not be playing, while Triantafylllos left the club. The goalkeeper who transferred to the club, due to injury, asked to leave. He was replaced by Fabion Mirta, who was playing for Pangitheatiko, and has also passed through Panarkadikos.

The referee in the match against Thyella Patras will be G. Markantonatos (Ilia) with their assistants Chr.Liapi  (Ilia) and A Kalamara. (Ilia).

Both matches will take place at 4pm on Sunday and are of great interest to the Zakynthian teams in regards to points.

3rd National (7th Group) – 5th Match

Sparta” – Nafplio 2017

Ermionida – Olympic Zaxaros

APS Zakynthos – Asteras Vlachiotis

Paneliakos – Diagoras Vrachneikon

Pangitheathicos – PAO Vardas


  1. PS “Sparta” 10
  2. Nafplio 9
  3. APS Zakynthos 1961 7
  4. Diagoras Vraxeikon 7
  5. Ermionida 6
  6. Pangitheathicos 6
  7. Asteras Vlachiotis 6
  8. Thyella Patras 6
  9. Penileiakos 5
  10. Olympic Zaxaros 4

11. AO Tsilivi 4

  1. PAO Vardas 4

13. AO Diavolitsiou 3

  1. Panageiakos 2

Thyella Patras – AO Tsilivi

Panargaiakos – AO Diavolitsiou

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