Sunday , July 5 2020

Dog abuse trial postponed

The trial of two very serious cases of dog abuse on our island has been postponed. One case, which is due to go on trial, next Thursday, concerns the case of an abandoned dog in the area of ​​Bochali, which had been identified following a formal complaint to the Zakynthos Animal Welfare Group. The other case involved a dog that was shot in the area of ​​Laganas and buried alive. The case will be heard in June. Both cases were postponed due to the courts not having time to hear the cases.


President of the Zakynthos Animal Welfare Association, Nektarios Marinos, referring to the case to be tried next Thursday, said: “This is a dog, a Life, which we found in the area of the Castle slopes, after a complaint made by a surveyor to us. This dog was in a barrel, tied, without food and water. The surveyor found it and informed us. We found it with its chain cut  through to his neck (it was embedded in his skin at least about two inches). We released it and took it to the vet, where surgery was done to remove the chain. The dog was single-eyed and was in a miserable state. ” Mr. Marinos also spoke about the incident in Laganas. “The other case was in the area of ​​Vezal, where a man shot and buried his neighbor’s dog alive, who had been let loose and escaped over the fence. It was one of those nasty cases where everyone takes a gun and shoots without a cause. “


Yiota Limniou, a member of the Zakynthian Animal Welfare Group, spoke about the cases of dog abuse and what every sensitized citizen should do. “We demand justice for the animals. We want the cases to be heard and sentences to be imposed. It is not normal for abuse to occur. Unfortunately, though, it happens and we also want to urge everyone to look after animals and denounce such cases. People shouldn’t be scared to report cases of abuse. The matter concerns us all”


Members of the Zakynthian Animal Welfare Group are determined to continue their fight against dog abuse and call on all residents to be aware and protect animals.

full report in Greek please click on source link.

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