Monday , April 12 2021

Efi Damoulaki Update on the vaccination process in Zakytnhos

Vaccinations are proceeding smoothly and according to the program, stated  the Scientific Officer of the Health Center, Mrs. Efi Damoulaki.  The quantities are specific daily and there is no reduction of vaccines on our island. There are 40-50 scheduled vaccinations every day, while there are also days when there are 20 to 30, said Ms. Damoulaki.

AstraZenaca Vaccine

Regarding the issue of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the age group 60-64 years, Ms. Damoulaki said that the Zakynthos MP has undertaken to deal with the issue. He is convinced that the AstraZeneca vaccines will come, but the big vaccine centers are priority. We continue normally with Pfizer and in case it does not come we will continue with this vaccine but we are waiting for an official decision.

We must say that the platform in Zakynthos is open for the ages 75-79, while Ms. Damoulaki stressed that while teachers, physiotherapists, pharmacists and other specific specialties were initially allowed to be vaccinated.

Finally a new document came stating that the vaccinations of older ages must be completed first before moving onto other age groups.

In Attica, the staffing of the Vaccination Centers with health workers from the Municipalities is progressing and it is not excluded that such a thing may apply to the other prefectures as well as to Zakynthos.

Ms. Damoulaki said that something similar has been requested from the 6th Health District to the Municipality, ie to staff the vaccination centers.

Rapid tests are coming in central parts of the city of Zakynthos
Every day the rapid tests are continued by KOMY Zakynthos, while in a short period of time a specific program will start with sample checks in the city of our island.

“We will start a program that we will be in some central parts of the city for a few hours. We will announce it so that the citizens know about it. Within the next week we will inform the hours and the days and what will be the points for the rapid tests “stressed Mrs. Damoulaki who is also the supervisor of KOMY Zakynthos.


Nikitas Spinos suggests that more vaccination centres be open

Nikitas Spinos – Deputy Mayor of Alykon

The Deputy Mayor of Alykon Mr. Spinos told us in regard to the issue that he suggested to the 6th Health Department that there could be clinics at the Katastari Health Center, at the Pantokratoras Health Center and at the Regional Clinic that Volimes,are also useful in case of complications with vaccinations. As far as the staff is concerned they will make every effort to help in this matter. They contacted us on Wednesday and wanted some additional proposals for clean Municipal spaces to become vaccination centers and we will look at community offices to serve for this issue, concluded Mr. Spinos.

Source HMERA

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