Tuesday , August 3 2021

Greece:- More on ease of measures over the next few days. SMS, Schools and Frontistiria

The experts suggested not to continue with sms appointments for shopping in the shops –

The opening of Frontistiria centers for pan-Hellenic and foreign language exams.

Finally, the sms which is sent to 13032 for which citizens submitt to go shopping at retail trade shops, seems to be finishing from May 15.  According to the suggestions of the experts, we may have an ease on this restriction.  According to the regulations, stores over 500 square meters, 1 person per 50 sqm and not 1 per 100 sqm that is valid until now, will be allowed .

It is recalled that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs earlier in the day announced the reopening of the tuition centers for the preparation of the students of the 3rd Lyceum only in view of the Panhellenic Examinations, but also the foreign language centers for those who are preparing students for exams.

Nurseries and gyms are not opening.

However, the nurseries will remain closed, as decided. The committee decided, at the same time, according to information, the opening of organized beaches on a date to be decided by the government. Finally, according to the information, no one in the Committee of Experts wanted to give the “green” light to the opening of the gyms that have been closed for months.


Tourism and supra-local movements open on May 15th

Government spokeswoman Aristotle Peloni spoke about the next steps in opening activities and the gradual return to normalcy, sms, travel and vaccinations. As the government spokeswoman said, until May 15, we will go as we have. “On May 15, when tourism opens, supra-local travel will also open.”

Source:- https://www.ipaidia.gr/

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