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Heat wave to strike this week.

This weekend will be slightly cooler but as of tomorrow Monday the temperature gauge will slowly rise again. At the moment we are looking at temperatures not exceeding 33 degrees Celsius, however as of Monday temperatures will slightly rise with Tuesday reaching at least 35 degrees Celsius. It may not seem so bad, however there will be no breeze to make it feel cooler.

A press release by our local authorities has issued a warning to take precautions as stated below:-


Because of the high temperatures and heatwaves, the Center for Social Welfare of the Region of the Ionian Islands (ODAZ) and the office of the Vice Chief of Zakynthos, have made available to vulnerable groups and citizens, air-conditioned areas for the whole summer season for the days of high temperatures and heat conditions.

Specifically, for the protection against heatwave, the areas that will be accessible and available are the following:
• ODAZ Building Facilities Ierarchou Michalitsi (Ιεράρχου Μιχαλίτση) 1- Zakynthos, 9: 00-19: 00
For safety and protection from the upcoming heatwave, it is recalled that:
• Avoid exposure to the sun and stay in shady and cool places.
• Dress lightly, with light and comfortable clothing.
• Wear sunglasses and a hat.
• Eat light meals, preferably fruit and vegetables and avoiding fatty foods
• Drink plenty of liquids and a lot of juice while avoiding alcoholic beverages.
• Avoid movement during the hottest hours (12.00-17.00p.m).
In case of heat stroke immediately call 166.

Remember safety comes first in all cases.

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