Monday , April 12 2021

Increase in the number of patients admitted to the hospital from Covid

Zakynthos continues to record daily cases of coronavirus even yesterday we had 3 incidents including a schoolgirl and a teacher.

The President of the Infections Committee of the Hospital, Dr. Athanasios Markou, spoke about the developments of March.  He gave useful information about the course of the virus and the patients in our prefecture. Most importantly, the average number of days of hospitalization for patients with Covid has increased, as has the number of admissions.

In particular, Mr. Markou stated: “The epidemiological picture of Zakynthos is not very good.  This is also true about the quantitative characteristics as we have an increase in the positive recorded cases. There are other incidents that have not been identified. So the real number will be bigger. The statics are, in January 2021 we had 31 incidents and in February 106 which is a record number for the data of Zakynthos “.

According to statistics, February was the worst month in terms of the number of cases. Mr. Mark ou pointed out the following about the hospital due to coronavirus. In January we had 7 people who were admitted and in February 13. This was specifically to the corona clinic. Of the total incidents in February, 3 also went to the ICU under negative pressure. One person also died (this gentleman had other serious illnesses)  but was positive with coronavirus.

In March so far we have 19 cases and if we continue at this rate ( 4 cases per day on average) we will reach and exceed 120 “.

Regarding the sub-characteristics of the disease and the patients, the Chairman of the Infection Committee noted. The incubation time is longer and one may be infected by a suspicious contact that he may have had 7 or 8 days ago. We are looking for contacts for a few days (2-3) but now we see that this period of time has grown and one can develop the disease from a suspicious contact he may have had 8 days ago.

We also have the increase of the hospitalization time of those who are admitted to the Covid clinic.

Source ERMIS

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