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Ionian Region:- Regional Governor gives interview to Brussels’ newspaper NewEurope, Ionian Islands a “safe” holiday destination.

The advantages thanks to their geopolitical position and the role they can play in modern times both for Greece and for the rest of Europe for the development of transport, energy pipelines of international cooperation, but also the promotion of the Ionian Islands as primarily safe tourist destination, the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou said in an interview given to the newspaper published in Brussels “NewEurope”.


She referred to the great potential of extroversion and development that the Ionian Islands have, due to their huge multicultural heritage, as this will be promoted by promoting their historical heritage both in Greece and abroad in view of the celebrations in 2021 for the 200th Anniversary of National Palingenesis


she pointed out that the Ionian Islands Region is ready to welcome tourists safely while implementing new methods of information and education to protect hotel employees and employees in restaurants and all tourism services and cultural events with medical implementation, protocols etc.

At the same time, she referred to the cooperation between the Region and the Government for the financial support of the companies.


“We are optimistic that the Ionian Islands are a very attractive destination. They are located in a stable and promising geopolitical area, between Greece and Italy, have not been affected by COVID-19 and have modern and well-equipped hospitals with highly trained doctors and nursing staff. We can, therefore, offer safe holidays and a wonderful experience for travellers who are interested in visiting our area “, said Ms. Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou.


At the same time,she expressed confidence that Europe would emerge from this crisis more united and take over the public health and transformation of the economy and societies, in view of climate change, with particular emphasis on the island regions.


In the interview, the Regional Governor stressed the need to adopt a comprehensive European tourism policy, as it is an area that concerns more and more countries and regions of the European Union.

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