Tuesday , August 11 2020

Mesogeios SA stops operations at Liva.

The company hired for operations of Liva, Mesogeios SA have stopped operations.

An immediate solution is being sought by the Mayor Nikitas Aretakis on the issue of waste, so that we will not have to live in nightmarish times again on the island.

Mr Aretakis is considering all possible solutions, so as not to cause problems in the city and the villages with accumulated garbage. Once the waste treatment work is stopped, a race starts from the municipal authority to find a way out. The most common scenario is to move the waste to a unit in Agrinio or Ilia.

Reportedly, the Mayor has been in constant contact with the relevant ministries for the last 24 hours to consider all possible options. The anxiety of the municipal authorities and the islanders has heightened, as they not only do not want to experience nightmares and endanger public health again but are also concerned about the “ultimatums” of large companies – such as TUI – which say they will change their schedule for the island if the problem is not alleviated. What all our fellow citizens fear is that the collection will stop until there is a solution for their transportation and storage or processing.

“Hot” issues at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.

At the same time, a number of other “hot” issues concern the municipal authority and dealings with important decisions to be made at the City Council next Wednesday. They are essentially the creation of two major committees, Consultation and Tourism. The first, in fact, will soon be asked to give its opinion on the Municipal Technical Program, while all of our fellow citizens who responded positively to the call for expressions of interest in joining the Commission should be present at the Council meeting on Wednesday.

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  1. Please explain why the operations have stopped.

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