Tuesday , August 3 2021

New Measures for Red zones- Zakynthos still yellow


Zakynthos has stayed out of the red zone for now.

Announcements made on the Greek television station ERT1 this evening confirm that Zakynthos has stayed in the yellow zone for now. Specifically the Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias made the announcement that as of tomorrow and until February 8th the following areas will become red, Attiki, Patra, Santorini, Mykonos, Halkida and Halkidiki.

New Measures in red zones

In the red zone there will be and increase in the curfew, from 18.00 till 05.00, except for Attiki which will stay at 21.00 – 05.00.

Shopping will now be click away, with appointments to pick up shopping.

Kindergarten, Primary and High Schools will open but Lykeio will stay closed with students continuing to do on line lessons.

Yellow Zones

Zakynthos despite the increased number of cases in the last few days has managed to stay in the yellow zone with a strong warning from the Civil Protection Minister. He has stressed that if the situation does not improve and we do not adhere strictly to the measures in place we will change zones.

As from Monday 1st February Secondary education will open in the yellow zone, Zakynthos included.

Reminder of the measures

Masks to be worn in all indoor and outdoor areas.

Movement with SMS and the necessary ID ( only for the 6 reasons as known at present)

Curfew from 21.00 till 05.00

Stay safe. Keep adhering to the measures.


Source ERT1


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