Sunday , July 5 2020

Vice Mayor calling for strict measures on sanitation.

The Zakynthian Municipality is calling all residents to act on sanitation or they may be faced with fines.

In a press release by the Vice- Mayor, Mr. Dimitrios Koutsogiannis, he expressed the following.

 We call for further activation and awareness of Zakynthians in regards to the improvement and protection of our Island’s environment.  As a social good, it only improves with the co-operation of its residents and municipality services. Responsibilities and obligations come as a result in an effort by both parties to act. Therefore we ask that Zakynthians take action on this sensitive matter by effectively helping the cleanliness services and therefore our quality of life within our town and villages.  

For the above reasons please note that:
-Garbage must be packed in strong bags, well tied and always placed in the evening hours-inside the bins.
– Citizens are asked not to leave bulky items and branches on the streets and other public areas.
-At home and business please distinguish objects for recycling before throwing them in the garbage, such as aluminium cans, paper, glass, plastics etc, these can be thrown for recycling in the blue bins.
-Phone 26950 25300 to arrange the management or removal of bulky items and to further the work of the collection facility guidelines.

In case of violation of these rules our Municipality will reluctantly proceed with the implementation of strong measures and sanctions for offenders under the approved Waste Regulations.

We are confident that you will respond with sensitivity to cleanliness issues.

Thank you for your positive feedback.


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