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Weather WARNING!

The civil Protection unit in Zakynthos has just released an announce of severe weather conditions coming our way.


The Hellenic Republic
Ionian Islands District


The Department of Civil Protection of Zakynthos Regional Unity announces that:

According to the EMY / NRM an Extraordinary Weather Report has been announced from tomorrow Thursday 3/10/2019 to Saturday 5/10/2019 the weather forecast in our area is:

Late Thursday night, heavy rains and thunderstorms, which will be accompanied by strong winds of 4-6 Beaufort and occasionally up to 7 Beaufort.

The phenomena will continue until noon on Friday 4/10/2019 and is expected to subside in the afternoon.

Therefore, it is recommended for all Zakynthian residents, if and when they perceive severe local weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and high winds, to avoid unnecessary travel especially in areas that are at risk of landslides and local floods. People who are affected by fires are particularly prone to landslides.

Because lately, we have observed and what is reported by residents and Presidents of Local Communities, about incomplete projects of cleaning up ditches, gutters and on private land throughout the Municipal and Community Network, with accumulation of large quantities of bulky materials, rubbish and other forms of waste, all over Zakynthos, due to their abandonment in many places in the city, municipal roads, rural and forest areas, as a result making it difficult and thus caused a suspention of operations for  Anti- Flood Technique projects which are carried out exclusively by the Zakynthos Regional Unit.

The competent departments of the Municipality of Zakynthos and the Solid Waste Management Agency (FODSA) are requested to arrange for the cleaning of waste materials, rubbish and other forms of waste from the Anti- Flood Technical Projects. The competent Waterboard service of Zakynthos is also requested to clean all its drainage networks.

All residents of rural areas are particularly requested to be particularly cautious about the accumulation of heavy materials and objects that may cause problems in ditches, bridges and streams.

Also, all bathers who are likely to be on beaches during severe weather are kindly requested to leave immediately.

Finally, small boats, professional and amateur fishing boats, yachts, and nautical clubs, avoid activity and care should be taken in keeping safe.

All interested Services and Volunteer Organizations are requested to be on hand.
For valid and accurate information all citizens can refer to the EMY website. www.emy.gr and related protection instructions can be found on the website of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

For any problem everyone can contact the competent authorities on the phones:

ZAKYNTHOU FIRE 2695022199 (199)

The Governor of Zakynthos


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