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Zakynthos:- MP Dionysios Aktypis talks about the AstraZeneca vaccine and the problems for Zakynthians.

There are even more questions about the AstraZeneca vaccine and the 60-64 age group. There are many interested citizens on our island, who express their strong concern and persistently ask the authorities as to when this company and its vaccine will come here.

Unfortunately, according to our local MP, we will have to wait as there seems to be a short supply of the vaccination to our country.

Zakynthos MP Dionysis Aktypis referred to the lack of vaccines, while noting that only a small number of Centers have procured the AstraZeneca vaccine.
“There is not a large number of vaccines to be given. Of the 800 centers, this vaccine has been given to 135-140 vaccination centers. We are continuing with the Pfzier vaccine and if a greater flow of vaccines comes, it will open up to us as well. there are only 45,000 vaccines. There is no flow as compared to the Pfizer vaccine. I have also asked a question about this issue.”
Mr. Aktypis asked the citizens of Zakynthos to be patient until the doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are increased, while he pointed out that on the other hand things are going better with Pfizer.
“At the moment we are continuing the vaccinations with Pfizer. This has to do with strategically designing the vaccine. We have no say, not even the ministers. The team decides where vaccines will be given. Let our fellow citizens be patient. We are looking to increase the flow of vaccines and get approvals from other companies to get more vaccines. We are waiting for Johnson & Johnson and various other vaccines “.
The MP of Zakynthos referred to the issue of vaccination, emphasizing that so far everything is going well and there are no problems. “Vaccination is going very well. We have no complications and everything is going great. It is a complex system, which we are carrying out. Vaccines are distributed by appointment so that the doses are not wasted and are done safely. We are doing well there. From there, the Ministry knows where the Astra Zeneca vaccines are made. “If it opens up to us, it is possible that these vaccines will be given as well.”
According to Mr. Aktypis, it is important for Zakynthos that an effort is made to increase the companies that offer vaccines, so that there are even greater prospects for the citizens who wish to be vaccinated.
“We have the infrastructure and the ability to do that. We have also brought a third vaccination line in Zakynthos. We can make the vaccines of other companies “.
As for the AstraZeneca vaccine, their low quantity for the time being worries the citizens and specifically the 60-64 age group that is waiting for the data to change in a short time and for a satisfactory batch of doses to come to our island to solve the issue even more.

Source:- HMERA

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