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Baskeball area at Kyroneri in appalling condition… The Volunteer Group of Zakynthos is calling for help.

On many occasions we have seen what the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos can do. Often showing that they can improve areas where local authorities have been inactive for many years. The team’s new initiative is about the open basketball court in Agia Triada, which is in an absolute appalling state, since it does not even have benches; the baskets are in disarray, and the nets, well there are just none!   The volunteer Group of Zakynthos have now taken the initiative to repair a communal area that would serve our fellow citizens. “We want to at least fix the benches that are damaged first. One is just hanging in the air; it’s not even screwed down! We want to repair them because they are just rotting. We’d also like to pant them as well. We’ve also made a suggestion to the general Athletic Association (ΑΓΕΖ) is to investigate whether it is possible to fix the two baskets in which the boards are broken. It’s a shame to have this image, because so many people play and there is a risk that the basket will fall. We also aim to paint the basket.. ”





Voluntary Group’s proposals for the Public Toilets.



The two buildings abandoned near the basketball court hopefully will be operational again by the Zakynthos Volunteer Team, after proceeding with a proposal to the Municipality to build Public Toilets at the site. There are two buildings, said Mr Nikolopoulos, which are close to the facilities of the Zakynthos Naval Athletic Club, the Fishermen’s Association.  Many passers-by cross these areas in Kryoneri. “There is another idea, however were are not sure about it as we have to go  to the municipality. There are two buildings that are non-functional and need to be repaired. To get things out there and our proposal is to build public toilets. From what I know is the Fishermen’s Association and ANOZ there. We find it important to have toilets there. It’s an idea I will convey to the deputy mayors. There is unused space. I have found sponsors to provide sanitary equipment. It is an initial thought, we will see if it is possible.

On the Volunteers Facebook page they are asking for volunteers to come forward stating:- “There are 3 benches damaged on the basketball court at the beginning of Kryoneri, after Alivizos. We require help with money for the craftsman who will repair it, wood to replace the non-existent wood and paint. At the same time, the VOLUNTEER GROUP OF ZAKYNTHOS will clean the area from rubbish and debris. This is where the ducks are. Can you help us?

The group have already replaced wood for benches in the small square oppoiste the bank of Peiraios, note the difference.

If you can help contact the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos via there Facebook page. Click on the link provided. The Volunter Group of Zakynthos

Full story in Greek and more photos please click on link

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