Sunday , August 9 2020

Book Give Away by the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos a success. (VIDEO)

Yesterday’s first international book give away and art exhibition was a success. Organised by the Volunteer Group of Zakynthos and held in Solmos square.

The event started at 11.00a.m and from the very start there was a lot of interest. The event was aimed at expats however, it seemed there were a lot more Greeks that were interested in what the team had to offer. The free books gave an opportunity for those to read books they possibly hadn’t read.

Michael James Elves’ art exhibition was of great interest and people had the opportunity to learn the stories behind the paintings. This particular painting was based on the German Myth of Loreley. At the large rock on the banks of the narrows of the river Rhine near Sankt Goarshausen  A beautiful maiden threw herself into despair over a faithless lover. According to the myth she was transformed into a siren who lured fishermen only to destroy them.

There were also plenty of sweets to give away as well. The Bakeries of Stelios Pettas at Loumba and Sweet Memories at Alykanas volunteered to offer delights to those who attended the event. Thus proving that volunteers are not just those who are present at an event. The tables provided by Cine Foskolo and Kokkino Vracho obviously played a big role in presenting the books. The council and in particular Aggelos Sevastiatis for providing the volunteer group with a place to set up the event.  Even Smart Fix provided the team with a speaker that connects to WiFi so music could be played.  Bobby Gee and Penny Draper for advertising the event on Island F.M. radio in English. All these volunteers were the cause of a successful event.

As one volunteer member, Louise said:-

“There were o many volunteers for this event to be successful! It was great to see so many people,  English, Dutch, French and of course Greeks. I was surprised to see a lot of teenagers, most left with piles of books. It’s great to see the interest not only in the books but in the art exhibition as well. We are sure to do a similar event in the future.  A special thanks also to our British Vice consular Matt Delapp whose presence was very much appreciated.  An extra huge thanks to those who came along and supported our actions. It’s great to see volunteers finally getting recognition for the work they do. Thanks.”

A video of the day’s events…


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