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Find your favourite place on Zakynthos with just 3 words!

I’ll meet you in Zakynthos Town at the location of ‘openly.everything.aspire'”

I hear you all asking, where on earth is “openly.everything.aspire” on Zakynthos?!

Bear with us and we’ll explain. It’s worth it!

These three words “openly.everything.aspire” are actually a designated What3Words location in Solomos Square. 

What is What3Words?

What3Words, is a fantastic site that allows you to actively pinpoint where you are, anywhere in the world, by using a specific three word combination. This clever site has the entire world mapped out into 3 metre squares. Each square has been given a unique combination of three words in order to identify it. This clever mapping project now makes it incredibly easy to find and share exact locations, anywhere around the world, down to a three metre square.

What3Words was set up as the owners felt that street addresses in modern times just weren’t set up for how we live our lives today. Many places around the world, have entire areas that simply don’t have normal “postal/street” addresses, especially on small islands like Zakynthos. What3Words now means that people can identify any worldwide location with three words, making it much easier for people to find addresses they’re looking for, or get help if the worst should happen.

So, with a bit of help we thought we’d put together a few three word references that you can then look up in the What3Words app or via the web version, to more easily locate specific destinations on the island. 

How do I find a location, or use the 3 words I’ve been given?

  • To find a three word location, go to the What3Words site, type a place name in the search box, and hit return
  • Zoom in and click on a square, which will give you your three word combination
  • If you already have your three words, copy and paste or type them into the search box, and hit return
  • The site will take you to the place on the map, which is overlaid on Google Maps

So now you can find your favourite place on Zakynthos with What3Words! We’ve put together a few examples of Zakynthos locations, and their 3 word combinations below, to give you an idea:

Alykes/Alykanas – daisy.limiting.molehill

Kalamaki – unicycle.ovation.splendid

Laganas – secretly.unfrozen.buddies

Tsilivi – banner.solstice.quacking

Zakynthos Town – patters.howl.saturation

Cameo Island (beach) – contributes.upstate.lunched

Marathonisi (Turtle island) – squeezed.polkas.carpenters

Navagio (Shipwreck) – voicing.omen.harpoon

Zakynthos Airport – fleeces.inputs.textile

Obviously these tourist resorts/island sights do have multiple three word, square options, but we’ve chosen just one to give you an idea of how it works. You can use What3Words to locate your favourite Zakynthos site, or business, or even meet up with family and friends anywhere on the island down to a 3m radius!

To learn more about this brilliant and unique way of getting about, you can access the web version here:


You can download the What3Words App from the following sites:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Even if you’re not visiting Zakynthos this year, the site works all over the world, so it will work for a multitude of things from holiday destinations, work and leisure purposes. It’s incredibly useful and also great fun looking up places to see what 3 words are used! 

So next time you’re meeting up with friends, planning a trip or looking for somewhere to visit, try What3Words! 

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Chrissie Parker joined the Zakynthos Informer Team in 2014. Chrissie’s first experience of the island was a combined birthday and wedding celebration, in true Zakynthian style. Since then she has been able to combine her love of the island, including its incredible history, tradition and culture, with her love of writing.

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