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Greece:-24-hour nationwide strike on all ships on June 3

24-hour nationwide strike on all ships on June 3

The representatives of the 13 seafaring unions of the Panhellenic Maritime Federation decided to carry out a 24-hour nationwide strike in all categories of ships this coming Thursday 03/06 and from 00:01 to 24:00 of the same day, reacting to the new labor bill that was made public.

“The new bill seeks to give a new overwhelming blow to the remaining labor rights adding to last year’s crisis, while the greatest labor conquest, that of 8 hours, which was instituted in our country 100 years ago, is being uprooted,” the joint statement said. administrations of the seafarers’ unions (Panhellenic Union of Merchant Marine Masters, Panhellenic Union of Engineers, Panhellenic Union of Sailors, Panhellenic Association of Archalamas – Thalamipolos, Panhellenic Association of Junior Crew Engineers , Panhellenic Association of Engineers MEK EN, Panhellenic Association of Caregivers, Panhellenic Association of Catering Personnel, Panhellenic Association of Sailors M / S – P / K – O / G, Panhellenic Association of Practical Masters – Governors)

They state that the specific bill:

-Does not discriminate between the application of the measure for fixed or indefinite contracts.

– Legitimates flexible forms of work with the widely advertised work card.

– Increases in overtime on an annual basis and at the same time reducing pay.

– Permanent and expandsed telework by increasing the intensity of work at home, blurring the boundaries between working and leisure.

– Abolishes the body of Labor Inspectors, turning it into an “Independent Authority”.

– The trade union action and the strike itself are criminalized.

– Establishes the electronic file through the inventory in a legalized register, while similar arrangements are provided for the General Assemblies and the other collective bodies of the unions.

The 13 seafarers’ unions have announced their participation in the strike rally of the Piraeus Labor Center at 10:00 in Karaiskaki Square in Piraeus.

source:- HMERA

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