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Greece:- Holy Spirit 2021: Who will have three day holiday and who will not

When the three days of the Holy Spirit fall 2021 – For whom is it a holiday.

One week separates us only from the feast of the Holy Spirit 2021, which is not an official holiday for workers in all sectors.

Specifically, the day of the Holy Spirit 2021 falls this year next Monday, June 21, 2021

Holy Spirit 2021: For whom it is a holiday

Holy Spirit Day 2021 is a public holiday for government employees and bank employees.

The next official holiday after the feast of the Holy Spirit 2021 is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15, 2021, Sunday.

Who will do three days off and who will not.

Holy Spirit Day 2021 is a public holiday for government employees and bank employees.

According to special provisions of collective bargaining agreements or other decisions, it is a holiday for the following sectors:

Diagnostic Centers
Magazine Journalists
Foreman Designers
Retirement Homes
Newspapers of Athens and Thessaly etc.
Electricians for Industry and Stores
Tobacco industry
Wood Stores (Athens – Piraeus – Suburbs)
Oil companies
Shipping Agencies etc.
Radioelectricians – Industrial radio technicians
Radio Stations
Radio Technicians
Lifeboat Tugboats
TV Stations
Television technicians of Northern Greece
Printers of Provincial Newspapers
Loaders and unloaders of Daily Newspapers
Secondary, Higher, Higher Education, and Foreign Language Tutoring
Industrial operators etc. companies, Petra-Marmaros Quarries and Technical Works.

It is worth noting that most stores are operating normally on this day.

The feast of the Holy Spirit has been defined as an official public holiday for the Public Services or state, otherwise know as “bank holiday”. While private companies and shops when it has been declared a public holiday only by law, collective bargaining agreement, by business and custom.

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