Wednesday , August 4 2021

Greece:- Kikilias: The platform for 30-34 for all vaccines opens on Saturday

The platform for 30-34 for all vaccines opens on Saturday.


On Saturday, May 29, the platform for vaccination appointments will open with the 4 available vaccines against coronavirus for the age group of 30 to 34 years, as announced by Vassilis Kikilias.

It is recalled that today, Wednesday 26 May, the platform for all vaccines for the 35-39 was opened. In fact, more than 102,000 appointments have already been made, corresponding to 51,000 citizens.

Today, Greece is expected to exceed 5.2 million vaccinations with at least one dose.

The epidemiological data
Regarding the epidemiological course of our country, the positivity index remains firmly below 4%. The 7-day average is 1,775 confirmed cases daily.

The Minister of Health warned that for the third consecutive week the average age of coronavirus cases has dropped. Last week, the median age of the cases was 37 years.

Currently, there are 16,838 active cases in the country. This is a significant improvement over the previous week when the active cases exceeded 20,000.

Mr. Kikilias stated that there is a stabilization and even reduction of cases in all regions of the country.

As for the hospital admissions of patients with Covid-19, they rose to 3,047 this week. Last Wednesday, it amounted to 3,790.

Last week’s average imports were 244 per day, falling below 300 for the first week.

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