Tuesday , August 3 2021

Shipwreck…. measures need to be taken!

The start of the new summer season lies ahead and as has repeatedly been revealed through local Zakynthian newspapers, the serious pending issue remains concerning Sipwreck cove: What is expected is the extent to which the initiatives of the Municipality of Zakynthos in cooperation with the Forest Directorate in order to make use of the platform area, which has been classified as a reforestation area, while as for the beach area of the shipwreck,  it is of absolute importance to provide clear instructions in time for the mooring of the boats and disembarkation of bathers to avoid the risk of injury by landslides such as those that occurred last September.

In his latest statements on the subject, Professor of Geology,  Mr. Lekkas, who had already undertaken initiative to integrate the coastal area into a program that had already been in process by the Ionian Islands Region, announced that if the weather conditions permit, new inspections will take place in the area, while the Mayor on his part, during the meeting and reports for the tourist season announced to the operators, the plan promoted by the Municipality for the platform area.

However,  at the moment we are at the “theory” stage, with the risk that the months will pass and we will be unprepared against the wave of visitors who for another summer will be expected within the region.

On the subject of the Shipwreck, once again the municipal councilor and former Mayor of Elaton, Mr Nikos Actipis referred to the need for restrictions on the mooring of boats and especially of the larger ones.

source:- Πηγή: https://ermisnews.gr

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