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Zakynthos:-Seven cases of coronavirus on a flight from Zakynthos to Cardiff, Wales (Video)

The British media are dealing with Zakynthos as a source of cases, after the first two cases of coronavirus cases were announced after a return flight of tourists to Britain last week. There are clear problems for airlines and with compliance to security measures.


As announced on Monday in Wales, on the charter flight of the travel agency Tui from Zakynthos to Cardiff on August 25, 16 cases of Covid-19 from three different companies in the flight have already been identified.


All 187 passengers and six crew members have now been quarantined, according to the Welsh Health Authority, and their contacts are still being tracked.


The incident follows the diagnosis of at least 11 cases of coronavirus among 30 young people who returned on August 24 from Zakynthos to Plymouth, in the south west of England.

According to the British media, these incidents are likely to lead to the addition of Greece to the countries of origin for which mandatory quarantine is provided when someone arrives at a British airport.


A passenger on the Cardiff flight told the BBC that “the flight was a tragedy. The guy sitting next to me had his mask down his neck. “The crew not only did not bring him back to order but also gave him a free drink when he said he knew one of its members.”


On Monday, Tui announced that it would conduct an investigation into why the crew did not take the necessary precautions, based on complaints from passengers.


Meanwhile, on the Sky News television network, a correspondent from Zakynthos commented on Sunday night that the measures on the island are insufficient, and although he said that the message of 112 from the Greek government for compliance with the new measures came to everyone’s mobile phones, the channel considers that there is confusion and concern when a fine is imposed if you walk without a mask while in cafes you can sit without a mask.


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