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Public Holidays and Events on those days in Zakynthos.

Celebrations are starting and holidays are due. has arranged some important dates to note. Over the next couple of months Zakynthos will be celebrating, so if you want to join in the fun then make sure you have these dates free. Even if you would like to plan your next holiday here are the dates below:- ** please note some of these dates only refer to Zakynthos.

Apokreas (Carnival Sunday) SUNDAY 01st MARCH, 2020.

The last day of Carnival. A parade takes place through the town with floats of all kind. Parties around the island are organized where all can take part. Fireworks display to mark the end of Carnival usually takes place around 20.30p.m in the town’s square.


Kathera Devtera (Clean Monday).  MONDAY 02nd MARCH, 2020.

This day is usually kite flying day. Traditions around Zakynthos have social committees engaging in street theatre known as ‘Omilia”. Quite often with the “Omilia” a feast of lent type food song and dance would follow.

Evaggelismos (Greek Independence Day) WEDNESDAY, 25th MARCH, 2020.

For Greeks this day is a double celebration, firstly religious, celebrating the Annunciation of Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mother that she would bear Christ our Savior. Secondly, the independence Greece gained against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. In town a parade is held.


Megali Paraskevi (Holy/Good Friday) FRIDAY, 17th APRIL, 2020.

Holy Friday is a very important day here in Zakynthos. Basically one does not sleep. If you are interested in tradition, then this day of celebration will definitely not disappoint you. The day is based on religious customs that are held throughout Zakynthos.

Note:- During the Holy week there are many religious events happening, not only in Zakynthos town but throughout the villages, too. for more information click on post.

Pascha (Easter) SUNDAY 19th APRIL, 2020.

Throughout the whole Island, Zakynthians will be celebrating Greek Easter. Depending on the weather most will enjoy lamb on the spit. For those more who are more traditional, egg and lemon soup known as “avgolemono”.

Tis Panagias (Virgin Mary’s day) MONDAY, 20th APRIL, 2020

This Holy day is a special day for Zakynthians, as they pay tribute to our Holy Mother. Litany of her icon will take place at various churches around Zakynthos.


H Protimayia (Labour Day) FRIDAY 01st MAY, 2020.

On this day it is traditional to go picnicking and Zakynthos is the perfect place to do that. Flowers are brought into the homes and flowers will decorate homes, especially on the front doors of Zakynthian homes.

**Pentakosti (Whit Sunday) SUNDAY 07th JUNE, 2020.

On this day Giostra di Zante will hold its grand parade. A traditional battle of the knights in 18th century style begins. Knights on horse back fight for the title “Knight of the year”. The event is a three day event in which local, national and international teams take part.

Agiou Pnevmatos (Whit Monday) MONDAY 08th June, 2020.

A religious day which is celebrated usually at home. Some social committees also celebrate with a typical Zakynthian fiesta.

Kimisi tis Theotoko (Assumption of the Virgin Mary) SATURDAY 15th AUGUST, 2020.

This day would be one of the most celebrated days in Greece and Zakynthos in no difference. Throughout the island churches dedicated in her name will celebrate. Litany of her icon will take place and then usually a true Zakynthian feast.


**Agiou Dionysiou Day (Saint Dionysios day). MONDAY 24th AUGUST, 2020.

On this day all Zakynthians celebrate the commemoration of their patron saint’s return. A litany takes place throughout the town during late afternoon. Fireworks display as our Saint returns to his church.  The celebration takes place over a three day period starting on the eve 23/8 and ends in the morning 26/8. During the week there will also be a flee market which is located near the church.


Oxi Day (ΟΧΙ) WEDNESDAY 28th OCTOBER, 2020.

Greece celebrates OXI day commemorates the day Ioannis Metaxas said NO to the ultimatum made by the Italian Benito Mussolini in 1940.  A parade takes place in Zakynthos town.


**Agiou Dionysiou Day. (Saint Dionysios’ day) THURSDAY 17th DECEMBER, 2020.

Our island celebrates the feast of our patron Saint in a three day celebration. A litany around the town will take place. The celebration last three days from the eve 16/12 until the morning 19/12.


Christouyena (Christmas) FRIDAY 25th  DECEMBER, 2020.

Christmas celebrations all around the Island. Traditionally a religious event where Zakynthians usually celebrate at home.

Synaxi tis Theotoko (Boxing Day) SATURDAY, 26th DECEMBER, 2020.

Zakynthians celebrate our Holy Mother. Churches dedicated in her name will make tribute to her on this day and some will hold a litany.


**Throughout the Christmas period many social committees organize events where mulled wine and typical Zakynthian delights are offered.  Christmas caroling and concerts are also organized over this period.


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